The ‘Family’ Talks 2006 - 'UPDATE'

Understanding the importance of the family to our Christian community, we the YACF are conducting a series of talks on various issues pertaining to Marriage and the family, during the Fridays of March and April.
Aimed at building and renewing the family, these talks are meant for all Singles, Couples, children and Families in Kuwait. We are looking forward to see parishioners from all age groups at these talks, which will include topics like ‘The Roles’ of husband and wife, Importance of the Holy Spirit and Bible in the family, Importance of Eucharist in the family, Parent-child relationships and Handling finances within the Family. There will also be a special healing service for singles and couples on Friday 31 March, conducted by Fr. Lionel Braganza SDB.

A short ‘rundown’ of the talks held so-far …

The first talk was conducted on Friday 3 March 2006. Speaking on the topic of ‘Choosing a partner’, Br. Francis Fernandes from the Holy Family Charismatic Prayer Group highlighted the importance of making the choice of a partner with careful consideration. He talked about the need to invite God into the decision and make Him the match-maker. He went on to describe the manner in which one must seek a partner, the qualities that one must look for in the other, and those that should be developed in oneself. “Beauty is only skin deep”, he said, stressing that character and education are of more importance while one is looking for a life-partner.

The session, conducted in English, was well appreciated by the participants who were mostly in the age group of 25-30. The general feedback confirmed that the participants found the talk very enlightening and useful.

The second talk was conducted on Friday 10 March 2006. Br. Charles Machado of the God's Love Community Charismatic prayer group at Salmiya was the speaker of the day. Speaking on the crucial topic of ‘Marriage and Family values’, Br. Machado gave some very practical and useful tips to the mixed-age group audience on effective communication. He went on to discuss about intimacy in marriage and how important it is to maintain the freshness of our Marriage day so as to be able to sail through all the ups and downs that may come our way. He stressed that troubles and difficulties are bound to arise in marriage but there is nothing that cannot be tackled with a loving attitude. Maintaining a good relation with our in-laws is equally important in marriage, pointed out Br. Charles. He ended the talk with the six important C’s that would help us through marriage. Communication, Commitment, Compromise, Consideration, Courtship and Christ. Below are pictures of the day.

As previously announced, the third talk on 17th March featured a very lively, humorous and spirit-filled speaker from the Couples For Christ (CFC) speaking on the topic of ‘The Roles of Husband and Wife in Marriage’. He kept the audience engrossed throughout the talk – from start to finish. Br. Ferdy started out by speaking about the differences of Men and women (the reasons why we act differently), the ways we as husbands and wives can please each other and the 5 languages of love. He sent the audience into roars of laughter at various points in the talk, with his very practical and appropriate jokes and enactments of real-life-situations. The talk was thoroughly enjoyed by all present. Below are some pictures of the day.

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